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Strength & Beauty Perfectly Combined!

Carronite is an advanced method for the reinforcement of acrylic baths, developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms.

Carronite baths are capable of withstanding far higher stresses than conventional acrylic baths. Carronite baths have characteristics of strength and rigidity normally found only in baths made of cast iron or heavy gauge steel.

Instantly recognisable by the distinctive battle ship grey reinforcement material and the unique cradle system, Carronite baths represent the pinnacle of acrylic bath technology.

Carronite from Carrom Bathrooms

The real beauty of Carronite is that all the baths in Carron’s extensive range are available in this exceptional specification.

Accept no compromise: ask for Carronite ™ by name.

Carronite ™.  Some day all baths will be made this way.


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