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Frequently Asked Questions - Baths - General

What are your baths made from?

Pegasus & Carron baths are made from acrylic reinforced with GRP. Deep Soaking Baths are made entirely from GRP. Bette baths are made from Steel. Many baths are available in an extra strong variation, such as Carronite or Idealcast, these baths are finished with additional reinforcement that usually give them the strength of a steel bath.

How should I choose between steel and acrylic baths?

Steel baths are most often bought for their strength and the enamel finish is very attractive to look at and touch, however steel is less versatile than acrylic and as such non-stadard shaped baths tend to be expensive compared to their acrylic counterparts. The enamel finish is also difficult to repair should it become damaged.

Modern acrylic baths are far stronger than those of years gone by, with many easily as strong as a steel bath and featuring guarantees of up to 50 years. Acrylic is warm to the touch and the finish is durable. Minor scratches and scrapes can usually be polished out with a little elbow grease.

Your descriptions say a bath is one size, but the technical diagrams say something different. Why?

Baths are grouped by general sizes such as 1700x700mm or 1800x800mm for descriptive purposes and these measurements refer to the length and width along the sides and are intended as a guide only. Often the actual dimensions will vary from these sizes, particularly in the case of odd shaped baths such as the Ideal Standard Space or Bette Focus. As a rule, always use the technical dimensions available to be sure the bath you order meets your requirements.


Will my bath have tap holes and where will they be?

Carron, Bette, Aquarius, Showerlux and Ideal Standard baths come from the manufacturer undrilled. Your plumber should be able to drill tap holes or we can drill tap holes for you, please advise us by calling 01633 244555 when you place your order if you require tap holes. There is a small surcharge for drilling Bette baths. Clearwater Collection baths are supplied with standard tap holes already drilled, if you require no tap holes or special positioning, please advise us with your order.


Some of the pictures include fittings, will there be a waste, overflow, taps and/or grips included with my bath?

The pictures are all just for illustrative purposes. Some baths have grips included as standard or available as an option, but in general, unless otherwise stated, fittings are not included.


I am interested in a semi-corner or offset corner bath, how can I tell the difference between a left-handed or right-handed version?

Different manufacturers "hand" their baths differently, so the only easy answer is to read the descriptions and view the linked pictures to decide which handing you need.


How can I tell the difference between a double ended and single ended bath?

Double ended baths usually have the waste situated somewhere near the centre of the bath and the ends of the bath are generally a mirror image of each other. The taps are intended to be fitted somewhere near the middle of one of the longer sides, either on the bath or wall mounted, and they tend to be large enough for two people to bathe together.

Single ended baths will normally have the waste situated at one end of the bath, with the tap fittings intended to be placed above this area. The end where the waste is will usually be straight in comparison to the other end which is almost always gently sloping for the comfort of a single bather.


I have seen a bath made by one of your listed manufacturers but you don't have it for sale. Can you get it for me?

Generally speaking yes. We strive to offer a wide range of baths while keeping in mind availability. Many of the more unusual baths, especially in the Bette range, are only available to be ordered from the manufacturers and as such prices are much higher than the "standard" baths and delivery lead times much longer. If you don't see the bath that you want, give us a call on 01633 244555.


Some of the baths you have listed in your Whirlpool Baths section are not available for sale as stand alone baths, why?

We make every effort to make purchasing online no different to purchasing from a high street store, just cheaper, and to that extent we endeavour to keep our delivery charges to an absolute minimum. However baths are a relatively expensive item to transport and in order to retain our low delivery fees, we just can't offer some of the less expensive baths for sale on their own.


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