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What is a thermostatic shower?

Thermostatic showers will automatically maintain the chosen temperature, even when other household appliances are being used

What would happen if my hot/cold water supply cut off whilst using the shower?

In the event of either the hot or cold water supply failing the shower will shut off automatically with immediate effect.

What is a manual shower?

The manual option controls the temperature of the water by manually adjusting the valve to the desired temperature before showering.

Will a manual shower automatically shut off in the event of either the hot or cold water supply failing?

No, a manual shower will not shut off automatically if there is hot or cold water failure, it will need to be turned off manually.

What does a pressure balancing valve do?

A. This is a manual option again, the advantage of pressure balancing valve is it will compensate for changes in pressure. This will maintain the selected temperature with changes in the incoming pressures.

Will a Pressure balancing valve shut off automatically in the event of either the hot or cold water supply failing?

Yes, the Pressure Balancing valve will shut off automatically with a hot or cold water failure.

How does an Electric Shower work?

An instantaneous electric shower is fed with cold water direct from the mains supply and has a small canister inside it that uses electricity to heat the water.

How would you rate the performance of an electric shower?

The performance of an instantaneous electric shower depends on the incoming cold water temperature and the power rating of the shower itself which is usually between 7 and 10.4 kilowatts. The higher the kilowatt rating of the shower, the greater the flow. A typical 8.5kW shower will deliver between 3 and 4 litres per minute depending on the incoming water temperature.

What pressure requirements do i need to install an electric shower?

An Electric Shower requires the supply of mains cold water with a minimum running pressure of 1.0bar and maximum of 10bar.

Can I add a pump to boost the pressure of my shower?

Pumps can be installed into gravity fed systems to boost water pressure if required.

I have a combi boiler, can I add a pump to this?

No, a combi boiler runs directly from the mains, you cannot pump mains pressure.

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